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First Poem in years!

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Devotional/Poetry

I use to write poems all the time. Many to girls I never gave them to (:
I stopped… but I  need to get back in touch with my emotions and my mentor suggested at least one a week.
here goes!

Slipping through the amber fields
remembering what I use to feel
when just a boy and days where young
and my mind could just rest in fun.
I know the days are not long off
when we shall never sneeze or cough
or chemicals be offset in our brain
and no more crying, not more pain

But somehow that day seems to be
more a dream and less a reality. My heart can’t contemplate the sounds
or the endless praise that will resound
What’s real to me is the earth before my eyes,
Where there is nothing which does not die
But still I find that while I’m here
I give in far too much to fear

how can I get my heart in mind to nest
On that glorious everlasting rest?
For if my heart could rest in paradise
then I could bear it when I am despised,
When failures mount like volcanoe’s flow
and the only appropriate response is woe

O on that rest may my soul be fixed
through all the worst that this life is,
Through broken heart and wounded mind and not getting past all that I’ve left behind,
to live every day as if I’d been to the place,
Even though I haven’t… that is faith
Oh how to get to that state and remain,
It may take much effort and much pain

But be that all  as hard and long as it may, It’s worth it to have a heart fixed on that day,
Would saw alight my heart  free as a dove
To be free for the great sacrifices of love
That may take not only my life away,
but the things I cherish every day.
My dreams and hopes and little plans,
then they could be into his hands.
Can we get here? I do despair!
Please lift up a brother in error!

So I can run through fields and not think,
I’ve simple times when my heart wouldn’t sink,
But through all of the difficult pain,
of broken heart unmended brain,
look at fields and storms and trees,
at rocks and butterflies and bees,
And feel so sure of that final day
When all these things will be remade
And so my heart, whatever condition is around
Is filled with the coming heaven’s righteous sound!