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I do not understand the way the world goes on it’s work,
I can’t place how they get along or what they all a quirk,
sometimes the foundness of a day is all that I can grasp,
That One little bit of reality that anchors me till the last.
It’s changed it’s ins and outs so much since I was just a kid,
Or maybe everything’s the same and its me changed and not it.

There seems a steady influnece of letting things just go,
to think is too much work so truths what the masss “know”
to question it i’m afraid would put me up agains thewall
and no one would change anyway so why even tryt all?
and if the did, am I sure, that Iam even right?
I stay up wondering while fall asleep each night.
If smarter men, older, more experiene and informed do o aree,
than what trust can I from the thoughts that come from me?
this leaves me tossed out on the sea without an anchor to hold fast,
Is trut is all so hard to see how can any of us last?

The truthis real and so we must set our heart at east
It may be if I can not fully know truth, but yet it can know me
And what I know though small in part, imperfct and impure
Still what I know can bring me joy and guide me somewha here.

I need not, but tobe known by that which unseen.
And a small taste of Him will be all he world to me.